About the Band

Precious Metal All Girl Band

Carol Janet Alex Mara Leslie

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Precious Metal EP Right-here-right-now That-Kind-Of-Girl


10 thoughts on “About the Band

  1. Sherrie

    It is going to be great seeing you girls rock the stage again, remembering old times!!!! ( : Kick cancers ass!!!!

  2. Bill Birney

    Yay!!!! I love you and missed you for all these years can’t ffffffing wait to see u on stage again!!!! Thank you and I’m so very much looking forward to it ‘) Billy B’

  3. Ralph Wakefield

    Thank u for making rock great. I saw one of youre albums in a record store and bought it. You ladies r hot I love youre songs. I hope u ladies put out a new album and rock it out. Love u ladies keep rocking.

  4. Dave Cackowski

    I miss your music. Loved every Precious Metal show that played here in Cleveland! A small reunion tour would be amazing!

  5. AAshley clark

    I’m listened to thus band in the early 90’s, thought they had a great sound never understood why they didn’t get more airplay. Had the or early albums.

  6. Tracy

    Ladies, I loved you guys back in the day and still have 3 cds, 2 cassettes and one lp & ep, which I still listen to! Is there anyway you could make me a videotape or dvd of some of your music??????!!!!!!!

    P.S.- why didn’t Mara play the reunion show, just wondering 🙂

  7. Thomas Higgins

    Only knew of the one album but loved it. “right here right now”
    Came out to see you at a rock house (name slips mind) in San Diego, ’85 or ’86. I bought an advance sell ticket at a record store in ElCajon where I meet a couple of the ladies; sadly neither fell in love with me on the spot. When I presented the ticket at the door it baffled the kid taking tickets because no one had seen any advance sell tickets and didn’t know about them.
    Moved away from SD and kind of fell away from music purchasing. Don’t think I owned a record player since.
    From the comments above it sounds like you regrouped for a cause at some point. Wish I could have been there.
    Hope that all worked out as best it could.
    On a recent downsizing and purging of less used stuff I sold off my vinyl but I went through and kept some I didn’t want to part with and if my memory serves me, I kept the Precious Metal figuring it might not be replaceable vinyl or otherwise.
    Peace and Rock and Roll ladies


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