About the Band

Precious Metal All Girl Band

Carol Janet Alex Mara Leslie

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Precious Metal EP Right-here-right-now That-Kind-Of-Girl


7 thoughts on “About the Band

  1. Sherrie

    It is going to be great seeing you girls rock the stage again, remembering old times!!!! ( : Kick cancers ass!!!!

  2. Bill Birney

    Yay!!!! I love you and missed you for all these years can’t ffffffing wait to see u on stage again!!!! Thank you and I’m so very much looking forward to it ‘) Billy B’

  3. Ralph Wakefield

    Thank u for making rock great. I saw one of youre albums in a record store and bought it. You ladies r hot I love youre songs. I hope u ladies put out a new album and rock it out. Love u ladies keep rocking.

  4. Dave Cackowski

    I miss your music. Loved every Precious Metal show that played here in Cleveland! A small reunion tour would be amazing!

  5. AAshley clark

    I’m listened to thus band in the early 90’s, thought they had a great sound never understood why they didn’t get more airplay. Had the or early albums.

  6. Tracy

    Ladies, I loved you guys back in the day and still have 3 cds, 2 cassettes and one lp & ep, which I still listen to! Is there anyway you could make me a videotape or dvd of some of your music??????!!!!!!!

    P.S.- why didn’t Mara play the reunion show, just wondering 🙂


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